Alopecia (hair loss) affects approximately 60% of men. Around 25% beginning to lose their hair before they reach the age of 30. The most common form of hair loss in men is male pattern baldness.

Mostly your genetics are to blame for baldness, it could go back for generations. In some circumstances I believe severe stress can be a cause hair loss. I am not convinced it is a dietary, hygienic or chemical issue (with products you are using on your head), there is little you can do about it unless you opt for a transplant procedure called Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), this technique is a little painful and tiring compared to other known techniques of hair transplant like Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT). In some circumstances these procedures can fail to take root to the scalp making it very expensive experience for not much gain.

If you feel the need you could Consult a dietitian to rule out deficiencies in your diet. However, massage your scalp regularly to increase blood flow using a natural scalp oil, and stop using any products you might be using just to see if they have been aggravating the issue.

Available treatments for hair loss are Proecia, this can halt further hair loss and Finasteride which can prevent genetically cased hair loss. I found HealthExpress discreet online consultation a helpful solution to my balding spots. You can find an online discount code here if you chose to purchase a treatment. Or follow the banner below. If you are unsure please consult your doctor first.

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