Snoring keeping everyone in your home awake?

Below is a list of tried methods that have proven effective to stop, but nothing come close to TheraSnore stopping snoring on the first night.

1. Rule out obstructive sleep apnea.
 Just because you snore doesn’t mean you have sleep apnea, consult your Doctor.

2. Sleep on your side.
Soft tissue in the roof of your mouth is usually the cause, uvula (a flap of skin), and pharynx (back of your throat). If you sleep on your back, gravity pulls all these things towards the back of your throat. Try sleeping on your side.

3. Loose body weight – 5-10%.
Weight loss can drop your nose-volume and also be greatly beneficial in all aspects of your health.

4. Cut down on the pints and Hydrate with water before bed.
 Stop drinking two hours before bed, at least. Alcohol relaxes your muscles in your airways, contributing to the snoring condition.

5. Free your nasal passages and use nazal strips.
Some saline and warm water should do the trick. The use of clear Breathe Right Nazal Strips are designed to help you to breathe easier all-night long and reduce your snoring.

6. Wash your bedding more often.
Dusty pillows, pet hair are bad for respiration. Try a plugin filter to Clean the air in your bedroom.

7. If none of these things work… you may want to skip over 8 and try 9 first!

8. Surgical Intervention aaahhhh!!!!

And then, of course, if the above fails to work there’s always a proceedure called Somnoplasty. This is an outpatient procedure (it’s not indicated for sleep apnea). Somnoplasty is an outpatient procedure that uses low levels of heat to stiffen the soft tissues; it takes about 30 minutes and comes with anesthesia.  There is another proceedure to open the upper airways by taking out extra tissue in the throat. 

9. Simple Solution! Stop Snoring the very first night!

Tower Health’s TheraSnore is truly one of a kind – in fact, there’s not a snoring mouth guard like it. Over one million devices have been sold worldwide.

Clinically proven, tested and highly trusted, it’s been supplied to the NHS for over 10 years which is a testament to just how effective TheraSnore is. #sleep #health #sleeping #sleepapnea #stopsnoring #snoring #stopsnoring

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Clinically proven, tested and highly trusted, help with Snoring!
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