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The BeginningQuagen had started many years ago (with revised shop names until we found the one we like the sound of). We source (and produce our own) hand crafted pieces of jewellery. Our suppliers are mainly local in Northern Ireland, however, we do source some of our supplies from USA, Canada, Netherlands and other regions around the globe.Our primary aim is to bridge the gap between handmade goods and value for money for our customers. We have paid attention to the market, and it clearly reads that handmade goods tend to be more expensive, however, this does not necessarily have to be the case. You will find that many other sellers charge hefty labour costs which are built into their product, which is understandable; they've presumably spent effort and a great deal of time into their product. However, what if Quagen has found a way to cut that cost of labour completely by working with other individuals whom produce their own handmade goods?Through various trials, failures, losses, but, with determination; Quagen has been able to develop it's very unique business model which not only promotes individual persons whom craft handmade goods; but to cut costs where possible through exploring every avenue available.

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